Aida Omega #11 color Natural
Aida Omega #11 color Cielo
Aida Omega #11 color Verde
Aida Omega #11 color Negro
Aida Omega #11
Aida Omega #11
Aida Omega #11
Aida Omega #11

Hilos Omega

Aida Omega #11

Embroidery Cross-stitch Canvas - 140cm wide - 100% Cotton

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AIDA OMEGA NO.11- The grid of these fabrics, 100% made of cotton, allows you to guide the needle, make regular stitches and obtain beautiful and orderly works, especially if they are cross-stitched. Great for embroidery of Napkins, Tablecloths and Artisanal Clothes.

- 140 cm of width
- 11 Count Fabric
- 100% Cotton